Valessentia applies its high-level Lean expertiseto advise, train, digitize and equip companies who seek operational excellence.

Impossible is not our way of thinking!

Our Goal: A sane Society with full employment through employee development and enterprises performance towards common positive company goals.


Over the past 20 years gained in the field, the experts of the firm Valessentia have broken down all the stages that constitute the Value Chain.


Only the Value Chain in the organization, deliver the Customer.


Any function of the organization is 

  • ​​​either in the Value Chain 
  • or a support of the Value Chain. 

Excellence results from improvements of elementary processes, to the benefit of each internal customer oriented towards the Client.


The challenge is to know which improvements  to allocate the resources of the enterprise in order to ensure the highest level of performance for the whole organization. The aim is to guarantee the greatest benefit for each stakeholder. 


Gestion des flux

Flows management

to the just needed

  • Simplify and make robust processes by creating value streams

  • Perform by pulling operations from the Customer demand.

  • Be competitive by making availability the just needed resources

Maîtrise de la variabilité

Variability control

  • Ensure a safe and ergonomic working environment

  • Eliminate defect and control processes to make it first time right

  • Eliminate all types of stoppages or slowdowns endured and guarantee the reliability of equipment

Management des hommes

Expansion  of leadership
and competences

  • Identify and share clear and winning orientation

  • Capitalize know-how and continually increase skills.

  • Balance and ensure operational results in the short, medium and long term

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