Lean management consulting

Climbing the summit of excellence

Valessentia consultants intervene in your organization to :

  • Render performant the global value chain by ensuring efficient flows in all processes,

  • Transmit all our knowledge so you become autonomous,

  • Set up a management system ensuring the sustainability of the performance.

Lean certification training

Transform the ordinary into the extraordinary

We create and conduct for you lean certification training courses in order to :


  • Transmit all our knowledge so that your colleagues reveal all their potential and become autonomous up to the highest levels of organizational performance,

  • Learning by doing: Alternate the theoretical and practical parts,

  • To make understand perfectly the goals and the detailed and global functioning of your company.

Transforms complexity and diversity into elegant simplicity

Our experts set up in your company :

  • Interactive visual management solutions with a high level of expertise,

  • Solutions thought to simplify everyday life for each actor that intervenes in your company,

  • Solutions thought to ensure the well-functioning of the value chain in its globality.

Lean management equipment

Don’t waste your time with supplies, while you can spend it to make improvements

Thanks to our knowledge of the functioning of companies, we provide you with : 

  • Equipment selected for your organization and adapted to your specific uses,

  • Equipment thought to simplify your ways of work and tested in real situations,

  • Equipment resistant to all use operating conditions, even the most extreme.



Valessentia has developed leading expertise in risk management of cultural and organizational change, in value creation and health and safety at work.


We apply our performance management expertise through four complementary offerings, to provide comprehensive assistance to our customers.


This is how we are able to create an environment that fosters well-being at work in all companies, generating rapid and long-lasting gains.