Our goal: develop human and organizations to create employment and happiness

Founded in 2003, Valessentia is a global consulting firm recognized for its expertise in performance improvement.


Created by pioneers on change management and global approach, the firm Valessentia has built real expertise to achieve the essence of value. This involves acting on the entire value chain of the company, from positioning to after-sales service by:

  • driving cultural change in the company,

  • developing the agility of the organization, and

  • accelerating innovation.

Valessentia implements this lean management expertise through four services : Consulting, Training, Solutions and Equipment.


Over the past 20 years gained in the field, the experts of the firm Valessentia have broken down all the steps that constitute the value chain. 

Only the Value Chain in the organization, deliver the Customer.


Any function of the organization is either in the Value Chain or a support of the Value Chain. Excellence results from improvements in basic processes, to the benefit of each internal customer, Customer oriented.


The challenge is to know which resources to dedicate to which improvements in order to ensure the highest level of performance for the whole organization. The aim is to guarantee the greatest benefit for each stakeholder



Flow management

  • Simplify and make robust processes by creating value streams

  • Capitalize on know-how and develop the efficient sustainable attitude


  • Process the “Demand“ from customer needs

Variability control

  • Eliminate the defects and control processes

  • Eliminate any type of undergone stoppage and guarantee the reliability of the means

  • Eliminate painfulness at work


  • Be agile and responsive to solve problems everyday

  • Ensure operating results every year

  • Continuously ensuring progress towards excellence